Curated Watchlists

Our watchlists are comprised of various genres and visual mediums. This includes cinema, television, web series and short films. Each visual work is selected by our Creative Ones Staff and the curation process is based upon certain criteria such as——originality, relevance, substance, technical execution and the overall feeling that’s conveyed by each piece.


What does Banksy represent and who does he influence?

The dawn of fashion houses

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Tesla Cybertruck: The new frontier

Tesla not only broke boundaries in the automotive industry recently, they proved that they don’t exist. Their Cybertruck debuted on November 21, 2019 and since then the truck’s design has received mixed reviews abroad.

Best jobs for creatives pursuing their passion

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Film scores: Your life’s score

Where to find financing to fund your next film project

What’s next for Rhythm + Flow?

McLaren 720S: Behind the design

Kanye West: Jesus Is King

Music industry redesigned: Major labels & 360 deals

Record labels were established to provide artists with specific services, in return for a binding contract with the label. These contracts would grant a percentage of the artist’s generated income to go to the label…


Spotlight was created to showcase up-and-coming artists from various genres, who each possess a unique sound and substance in their music. This playlist is intended for artists discovery and will be updated with new music weekly on all streaming platforms——so add it to your library and stay connected with all the latest music now. To learn more about each artist tap their album covers below.